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We focus on Bride, Groom and their family. We care to capture the best moments. Our team ensure converting all auspicious moments of events into beautiful memories.
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A wedding is a new beginning.

The Wedding is one of the most important and joyful ceremony. It is an exciting occasion in the life of every groom and bride.

This function unites two souls, along with bringing two families closer. The bond of love and affection becomes lifelong companions. Marriage is one of the biggest celebrations. It includes sharing happiness.

There is a big celebration of weddings all over the world. In different parts of the world, we can see a big difference. There are different ways and various rituals of wedding. The rituals are different. They aim to come with each other and double the joy.

Indians have been pioneers when it comes to celebration. Indians believe that They make marriages in heaven. Everyone celebrates this ceremony with great enthusiasm. This program contains shades of joy, jokes, fun, and sentiments.

Before you start your journey

The most important thing is that the couple needs to understand each other before marriage. Couples try to understand each other by spending time with each other. They may have a conversation using social media over cell phones, video calls, etc.

Besides all these, an exciting and fun-loving option is available. That option is for the future bride and groom (couple). And that is a pre-wedding shoot!!!

Couples spend a lot of time at the same time. They do this while a pre-wedding shoot or pre-wedding photography. So they can understand many things about each other. They can know food preferences, nuances of nature, dressing choices, etc. Looking back on life's journey, the fun jams made during the shoot and photography are a pleasant experience. We help you to store all these sweet memories forever.

The my wedding team has experience in these shoots. We help you to select the best venues for pre-wedding. Our professional squad capture perfect clicks and best-angle video shoots. We make sure to give you a complete experience of the best pre-wedding shoot. We are aware that this event happens only once in a lifetime.

Our team is a friendly and good listener. They try to understand the photography & videography session in your dream. We strive to make it a real and existing thing.

Let's get started

Let's turn to the auspicious wedding ceremony. Various events happen in a wedding ceremony. Indian weddings are an amazing experience. Capturing complete function is a vital and skillful task.

The wedding Function is full of various emotions. We experience happiness, fun, and sentiment in the ceremony. Wedding photos and videos can help you to capture all these events. They play an essential role to relive them.

If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Pune, then My Wedding Photography is the right and best choice.

We understand the importance of a wedding ceremony. This ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime event. This event can change a couple's life in a positive manner. We work with honesty. We understand our responsibility. Our team captures the event's best moments. We do this through candid photography and cinematic video. Our photography company has been working to produce high-quality work. We use the latest technology. We use the best cameras, lenses, etc. setup.

Our team of wedding photographers and videographers has worked in all areas of Pune. We focus on creativity and uniqueness. These wedding albums and videos play a valuable role. Reliving these memories is possible because of them. To store all these pleasant, wonderful moments, we need something. And that thing is a wedding album and videos.

Our Team is well-equipped with below awesome gadgets:
1. Sony Camera (a7S-III) (Listed as Top in its segment)
2. Sony Cameras a7-III.
3. Sony Lenses
4. TAMRON Lenses.
5. Sigma Lenses.
6. RONNIN RSC-2 Gimbals.
7. GODOX Lights
8. RGB lights
9. Portraits Lights.
And many more required gadgets

We have exciting cinematic videography and photography packages available for you.

Get in touch with us to know more. We will make sure to provide you with the best suitable package. We will customize it according to your needs. What are you receiving from us? My wedding has a unique output. This output will delight you in many ways.

Pre-wedding Photos and Videos: We know what is Trending in the market today. The pre-wedding photography is done with the best experience here.
The expertise starts right from where to do the shoot. We consider what themes to select. We cover everything. We can suggest different attractive themes. At the same time, we care what you think in pre-wedding shoots.

Cinematic film: This is the best part of our service. Our senior shooting expert will capture crucial moments. He will cover all rituals from the whole function. This is just like the essence of the wedding. We use different angles. Those are utilized to make sure the output is more realistic. We use different focal length lenses (Wide-angle, prime, and zoom lenses). It adds more beauty to the video.

Cinematic film include interesting shots, different camera pans. It includes decisive transitions. All scenes will give you good vibes once it starts. It is a feel-good factor of shooting. Later we input our editing experience into the video. It will create the final output, which will mesmerize you. This contains a video of 8-12 minutes.

Cinematic Highlight: These are the best of the best moments from the function. Handcrafted and designed by our artists. The highlight contains a video of 2-3 minutes. It will give you a glance at all events. It will take you back to memory lane. You will feel the joyful vibes from the ceremony.

Cinematic Teaser: As its name suggests, it is a quick and short visual. It will tease all the viewers and add interest to the function. According to current trends, we use black-and-white effects in videos. The teaser contains a video of 30-40 seconds.

Cinematic Reels: We all are on social media. This reel video is catchy and crisp shooting. We consider many aspects while generating it. You will rock on social media by uploading these reels. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, What’s App, etc. You will stand up in a crowd when your reel is out on social media. Cinematic Reels contains a video of 15-30 seconds.

Album: Images are the best way of capturing special moments. Capturing it in a permanent Album is crucial. It will increase the beauty of your collection. We print these high-quality photos. These high-quality pages are arriving to you in the form of an Album. We provide different types and sizes of Albums. It comes with various designs.

Following are the types of different album designs:
1. Modern-type albums.
2. Traditional style albums.
And many more.
You will select the type and style from the range of varieties above.

Traditional Video: This is complete video of an entire wedding. This video contains each and every moment. We add value through the editing experience we have. Making sure it is there to feel good. You can relook at it in all your future family gatherings.

Traditional highlight: It is the short version. This video will be shot similarly to Traditional Video. The special crux of the entire function. Its highlight will engage you. You will watch it with the same enthusiasm.

Candid photography

Candid photography has immense importance. It plays an important role in the ceremony. It is special as the photographer clicks the natural moments. We capture the best shot. A person is unaware of it. Candid photography includes long shots, mid shots, closeup portraits, etc We add special editing effects. Everyone appreciates the output of final candid photos.

Clicking candid shots is an art. We capture the best unplanned moments before they disappear. These moments are fragile. At the same time it is important to convert into lifetime memories. Our specialty in candid shots is best in business. The output will surely make you happy. It takes patience when it comes to clicking candid shots. We capture it during the entire wedding ceremony. Our skillful Team is always aware and focused on clicking precious moments.

We, as humans, have been through many revolutions in every aspect of life. Unimaginable achievements are made possible in a short time. Photography experienced many revolutions and changes in recent years. We used to have limited roll films. This later converted into hard copies of Pictures. Nowadays, roll films are no more available, and no one uses them. The whole way of photography is changed to digital photography. We can record and click high-quality pictures with powerful cameras. These pictures and videos help you relive past moments. It makes you feel as it is happening in front of you once again. Photography is the only way to go back to the past and enjoy moments.

Last but not least! We promise to surprise you with beautiful gifts from our side.